Our Services

        Asset Management
Assisting clients in the development of an investment policy statement. This involves designing investment strategies which take into consideration tax strategies, asset allocation and diversification*, risk tolerance, future and present income needs as well as other pertinent factors that make each client’s needs totally unique.

Qualified Retirement Plans
Analyzing existing plans to assure that fees are reasonable, investment choices are performing properly and cover the required asset classes, and assist business owners in meeting their required fiduciary duties. Assist in the development of new plans when needed.

Financial Planning
Assisting clients in the development of a written plan which helps them reach their desired goals. This involves not only retirement planning, but wealth distribution planning and life planning with issues such as philanthropy and creating and leaving a legacy.

Estate Planning
Assisting our clients in the reduction of the current estate tax liability, controlled growth of the estate and a plan for payment of the estate tax.

Insurance Planning
Gauging insurance amounts through customized case design. Negotiating pricing and underwriting decisions through our relationships with multiple product companies.


*Neither asset allocation nor diversification guarantee a profit or protect against a loss.